Stem Cell Processing and Education Core (SCPEC)

The SCPEC supports two key functions: (1) isolation, processing, characterization, distribution, and cryopreservation of stem cells for Core Users, and (2) education and training of users, students, and the public on stem cells (the educational/training needs will vary depending on target audience). The SCPEC works closely with the Stem Cell Gene Transfer Core to provide genetically modified cells or novel lentiviruses to facilitate investigators’ needs.

Depending on the investigators’ needs, the SCPEC offers hES and iPS cell lines propagated and maintained in either feeder-dependent on independent conditions. Cell line-optimized protocols are applied to induce differentiation towards desired lineages. The pluripotent state of the cells as well as the specifically induced differentiation are characterized on mRNA by real time qRT-PCR and on protein level microscopically and/or by flow cytometry using lineage and cell type-specific markers.

Hands-on education and training workshops are provided to all investigators prior to transfer of specific projects to individual laboratories. Individual faculty MUST complete all compliance requirements prior to transfer of cell lines.

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