The Columbia Stem Cell Core Facility is a multi-service production and characterization facility at Columbia University Medical Center. The facility has two primary aims:

1. To give our users access to quality-controlled pluripotent stem cells and stem cell-derivatives prepared using standardized approaches
2. To offer genome editing services, as generation of custom-designed cell lines

The Cell Production Section of the Core Facility offers to its users maintenance and supply of mouse and human ESC/iPSC; derivation and characterization of hiPSC from fibroblasts or blood; and differentiation of mouse and human pluripotent stem cells into functional, mature, highly purified progenies (including neuronal, cardiac and retinal pigment epithelium). The Gene Editing Section of the Core Facility provides various services, including insertion of transgene and targeted single nucleotide modifications.
The Stem Cell Core Facility is located in room 1109, Black Building, 650 W 168th St, New York. You can contact us at 212 422 4406 or with your research questions. For more information, check also our website