Induced pluripotent stem cells hold tremendous promise for understanding the factors that underlie complex and poorly understood diseases such as diabetes. Our newly formed core facility provides a centralized location for the reliable and consistent production, propagation, and study of induced pluripotent stem cells for uncovering the molecular and cellular pathologies as they relate to diabetes and its complications.
With a goal of facilitating pluripotent stem cell research, we offer the following services:

-Pluripotency analysis
-Immunofluorescent staining
-Flow cytometric analysis
-Teratoma assays
-Quality Control
-Mycoplasma testing
-iPS/fibroblast cell banking, expansion, and cryopreservation
-Discounted iPS culture reagents
-Patient recruitment: Assistance in identifying patients who fit study criteria for the specific aims of the investigators using the Core from among Joslin’s patient population and through local advertising (flyers in Joslin public areas, web-postings, etc.) using IRB-approved postings.

For more information, please visit our website or email: