Stem Cell COREdinates is a consortium of human pluripotent stem cell-focused core facilities that have joined forces to share our experiences and expertise with protocols, reagents, and to establish “best practices”. This open line of communication makes our member laboratories stronger, ultimately benefitting our client laboratories. One outcome of our efforts is a collection of protocols that are publicly available on and here on our protocol page. We strive to keep these protocols current and will add new protocols as they become available. New core facilities that are interested in joining us should contact the group.

Mark J. Tomishima, President [Sloan-Kettering Institute] &
Sunita D’Souza, Founder [Mt. Sinai School of Medicine] sunita.d’

Brigitte Arduini [Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute]
Leah Boyer and Travis Berggren [Salk Institute],
Guokai Chen [U of Macau]
Barbara Corneo [Columbia]
Laurence Daheron [HSCI]
Laurent David [Nantes]
Raluca Dumitru [UNC]
Sandra J. Engle [Pfizer]
Deborah L. French [CHoP]
Richard Gronostajski [U at Buffalo]
Hyesoo Kim [Johns Hopkins]
James Kehler [NYSCF]
Jean J. Kim [Baylor]
Chris Kirton [Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute]
Tenneille Ludwig [WiCell]
Nedialka Markova [Stony Brook]
Andrew Minotti [Joslin Diabetes]
Jennifer Moore and Michael Sheldon [RUCDR],
Caihong Qiu [Yale]
Thorsten Schlaeger [Boston Children’s Hospital]
Naohiro Terada [U of Florida]
Saiphone Webb [U of Colorado]
Wenli Yang [U of Penn]
Jizhong Zou [NHLBI]