Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine hold the promise of revolutionizing health care and providing therapies for a variety of diseases and conditions including cancer, diabetes, paralysis, neurodegenerative diseases and aging. The inter-decanal and inter-institutional NYSTEM-funded Western New York Stem Culture and Analysis Center (WNYSTEM, pronounced "WIN-nee-stem") is a shared facility at the University at Buffalo in collaboration with Roswell Park Cancer Institute. The goal of WNYSTEM is to promote and facilitate fundamental and translational stem cell research and development throughout Western New York, New York State and the world.

WNYSTEM maintains 4 core facilities:

• Stem Cell Culture, Banking and Training Facility (SCCF, R. M. Gronostajski and M. Stachowiak, Co-Directors)
• The induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Generation Facility (iPSF, J. Feng, Director)
• The Stem Cell Engraftment and in vivo Analysis Facility (SCEF, M.K. Stachowiak, Director)
• The Stem Cell Sequencing/Epigenomics Analysis Facility (SCSF, M.J. Buck, Director)